The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre was converted into a chocolate factory when Mr. Willy Wonka came to town - complete with chocolate-filled pipes.
There are lots of hidden jokes (aka "Easter Eggs") throughout the facade. The biggest Easter Egg? If you look closely, the winding pipes spell out "WONKA!"
To mimic a factory, the outside of the theatre was covered with brick panels and a maze of pipes filled with chocolate. This wall is the "W" of "WONKA!"
This is my favorite Easter Egg - the Oompa-Loompa-sized Employees Entrance. It immediately became a photo-op for passersby.
Playful Wonka-warnings keep all unruly theatergoers in-line.
Above some of the doors are lenticular windows hinting at mysterious activities happening inside "The Factory."
If boys can have their own berry, then why shouldn't girls? Though unfortunately some berries are not processed at Wonka's factory: the client rejected a HALLEBERRY label.
Everyone's a Golden Ticket Holder at the Lunt-Fontanne.
The very tempting "DO NOT PUSH" button alerts theatergoers of Rotten Behavior.
Theatergoers were encouraged to share the fun at @CharlieOnBway.
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